# multiple

Equivalent to the multiple attribute on a <select> input.

multiple: { default: false, type: Boolean },

# placeholder

Equivalent to the placeholder attribute on an <input> input.

placeholder: { default: '', type: String },

# options

An array of strings or objects to be used as dropdown choices. If you are using an array of objects, vue-selectize will look for an id and label key
Ex. [{id: 'MZ', label: 'Mozambique'}]
A custom label key can be set with the label prop.

options: { default: () => [], type: Array },

# keyBy

Selectable option unique identifier key, each option must have a unique identifier. Use this prop to change the default behavior

keyBy: { default: 'id', type: String },

# label

Tells vue-selectize what key to use when generating option labels when each option is an object.

label: { default: 'label', type: String },

# keys

vue-selectize internally uses fuse.js (opens new window) to perform its search capabilities, this props tell witch keys to use for searching.

keys: {
  default() {
    return [this.label, this.keyBy]

# value

Contains the currently selected value. Very similar to a value attribute on an <input>.
You can listen for changes using input event using v-on.

value: { default: null, type: [Array, Object, String, Number] },

# limit

The limits the number of options that are visible in the dropdown

limit: { default: 0, type: [Number] },

# disabled

Disable the entire component.

disabled: { default: false, type: Boolean },

# disableSearch

Disable the built-in search engine

disableSearch: { default: false, type: Boolean },

# createItem

User-defined function for adding Options. Set to false to disable adding an option

createItem: {
  default: function(text) {
    return Promise.resolve(text)
  type: [Function, Boolean]

# searchFn

User-defined function for searching

searchFn: { default: false, type: [Boolean, Function] },

# theme

Selectize.js theme

theme: { default: '', type: String }